Three By Jarmusch: Dead Man

"[The] metaphysical context benefits enormously from the haunting musical themes that Neil Young wrote, underlining the film's psychedelic/apocalyptic edge, and from the stunning black-and-white camera work of Robby Muller." - San Francisco Chronicle

This film follows the tale of accountant William Blake after murdering a man. On the run, he encounters an Indigenous man who helps him journey into the spiritual world.

"A bizarre, funny, almost mystical take on the Western, Jarmusch's film charts the sentimental education of a clerk, William Blake (Depp), when he travels out West and finds himself, after an unexpected violent incident, pursued by vicious bounty hunters and taken up by a decidedly eccentric Indian (Farmer) who believes his new friend is the English visionary poet. Looser in structure than the director's earlier work, but pervaded with the same deadpan humour and superb imagery (cameraman, Robby Müller), this is an original and very weird account of the American wilderness. Haunting electric guitar score by Neil Young." - Time Out


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