"What starts off as a light-hearted, quirky portrait of a "competitive tickling" competition quickly turns into a deadly serious investigation about the destructive powers of the Internet and the perversity of those lurking behind its digital walls." - Globe & Mail

“No documentary generated more breathless buzz at this year’s Sundance Film Festival than Tickled, which begins as a lighthearted look at the alleged sport of “competitive endurance tickling” and gradually turns into something much more disturbing.

“Very little of what New Zealand-based directors David Farrier and Dylan Reeve uncover in Tickled—from the true nature of the tickling competitions to the real identity of the individual behind them — should surprise any viewer who possesses an ounce of common sense and workaday cynicism. Still, investigative journalism doesn’t need to be gasp-driven, and Farrier and Reeve did stumble onto a story well worth telling, one that reveals just how easy it is for a wealthy, anonymous sexual and emotional sadist to ruin people’s lives via the internet.

“It’s hard to believe just how much money, time, and energy has been expended, in cities across America and around the world to gratify the sadistic urges of one twisted soul. If  Tickled puts a halt to the operation, it will have achieved something of lasting value.” - Mike D'Angelo, A.V. Club


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