Tim's Vermeer

“Tim's Vermeer is a fascinating new documentary about art, obsessions, ideas and answers. Its genesis traces back to the 17th century, and, to Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. His paintings have long drawn interest for their use of light and shadow, which gives them almost a photographic quality, 150 years before cameras were invented.
“Before the film is finished you will know a great deal about the painter, but Vermeer is not so much the subject as the "Tim" of the title. Tim Jenison is a new age digital visionary and inventor who decided to test one particular theory of how Vermeer achieved the effect. Teller, of duo Penn and Teller, directed the film. He and his cameras followed the inventor for the five years or so it took Jenison to conduct his grand experiment. This is Teller's first documentary. One can't help but hope it will be far from his last.
“Jenison imposed a scientific rigor to the testing that, even after seeing the documentary, is hard to fathom. Not content merely to replicate a Vermeer painting, Jenison replicated the environment the artist worked in, the materials he used. Jenison built, to exact specifications, Vermeer's studio.
“It's worth noting that Jenison had never painted before he started this project. As Teller's camera rolls, the days roll by. They serve to mark the progress and also to underscore just how difficult and demanding the process is. The ups and downs set a certain rhythm for the film, and the detours, derailments and discoveries keep things interesting. But like art itself, words can't fully capture what it is like to see the Vermeer emerge under Jenison's brush. Or to see Jenison's obsession run its course.
“What Teller has managed is quite exceptional too. In his lens, he's captured the work of two geniuses — one kind of artist from the 17th century, another from the 21st. Both pushing beyond the boundaries of what seemed possible. It is something to see.”- LA Times


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