Tomorrow (Demain)

Winner of the César Award (French Oscar) for best documentary. "Provides a comprehensive look at ways in which activists, organizers and everyday citizens are trying to make the world a better, greener, more sustainable place." - Hollywood Reporter

Co-presented by Divest Waterloo, The Working Centre and Princess Cinemas. “Tomorrow was prompted by Laurent and Dion coming across a scientific study in Nature magazine that stated that at current rates of population expansion, resource consumption and environmental damage, humanity could be in the throes of an extinction-level event by the end of this century. But arresting though that thought certainly is, the year 2100 is an almost luxurious consideration if you’re in some doubt as to whether we’re going to make it to the end of next week.

“The latter three chapters — Economy, Democracy, and Education — are really where “Tomorrow” takes flight. Interspersing articulate expert talking heads with the stories of businesses, communities, and projects that illustrate potential solutions to the problems at hand, the film builds to a hopeful portrait of grassroots activism and citizen engagement.

“No problem is too big. No cow is too sacred. And no causal interrelation is too complex for Laurent and Dion to find a way of breaking down into easily digestible concepts.” - Variety

Next in the Series: Tues, February 27th - Economics of Happiness.


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