Tori et Lokita (French Film Festival)

Another humanistic gem from the Dardennes, Tori and Lokita puts its characters in heartbreaking circumstances while insisting on their intrinsic dignity.

From two-time Palme d'Or-winners Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, Tori and Lokita is a heart-stopping thriller that casts an unflinching eye on the trials of the young and dispossessed.

Presented by AFKW as part of the French Film Festival.

"It’s remarkably assured material, impeccably played and with restless political undercurrents, from two film-makers operating at a seemingly effortless pace." - Times (UK)

"Schils and Mbundu keep the film’s feet firmly on the ground, delivering a hefty emotional punch built in equal measure on empathy, admiration and anguish." - Mark Kermode, Observer


No screenings currently scheduled.

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