"Schumer's performance is a tour de force of razor-sharp comedic timing." - Chicago Sun-Times

“Judd Apatow’s newest is written by and stars stand-up Amy Schumer as a salty New Yorker named Amy. It is her movie, and she barrels through it like a preposterously flirty bowling ball.

“Amy is our trainwreck. By day a journalist at Snuff magazine, she’s smart, mildly ambitious, and in possession of a “sick” apartment, an eye-opening wardrobe, and the shrugging realisation she may not be a model citizen. By night, Amy will likely be engaged in another meaningless hook-up. This is much the Apatow way: another frank and comic exploration of the clutter of modern sexual politics. Trainwreck will consider what happens when an immovable object meets Mr. Right.

“So, this is your classic Hollywood romcom whose poles have been reversed: given the assignment of profiling A-list sports doctor Aaron (Bill Hader), Amy takes him to bed as nonchalantly as ordering coffee, and he has the cheek to actually like her. When he calls the following day, she tailspins. Hader makes the entirely sensible decision of keeping out of the way of the Macy’s Parade that is his leading lady. You root for them, sensing Aaron’s calm will moor Amy, just as her vitality will liberate him.

“It’s a fine, noisy New York movie, clattering through apartments, magazine suites, coffee shops, hospitals and bars to the gunfire of Amy’s unwise stilettoes. There is a perfect Subway gag, doubly funny because of how well it skewers a classic romcom cliché. They riff on Woody Allen. Hyperactive and uncouth it might be, but Amy is Annie Hall for the Girls generation. Hers is an engaging line in self-deprecating feminism. She might be a mess, but she’s her own mess. Schumer’s whip-smart delivery and no-holds perkiness keeps it all in place. Just as her director wilfully mines his own life for laughs, there is a whole lot of Amy in Amy.” - Empire


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