"A daring, stirring piece of cinema that isn't afraid to tackle the big questions head-on." - FilmInk

“At the heart of the film, director Shaun Monson is looking at a simple question, but one that remains tragically prevalent: why can’t humanity get along? He reveals heartbreaking footage of the evils we’ve done to one another throughout history – century after century. He asks why we see “opposites” in one another, and he also applies this question to animals – why do we treat certain animals as inferior? The film is divided into five chapters – Cosmos, Mind, Body, Heart and Soul – and it proves a surprisingly effective mechanism. Beginning with our insignificance in the scheme of the cosmos, we’re taken on a cinematic journey that does leave one questioning how he or she could possibly see themselves as above or apart, as Monson puts it, “any other expression of life.”

“Unity is a daring, stirring piece of cinema that isn’t afraid to tackle the big questions head-on. Yes it’s sweeping in scope, and it’s one person’s interpretation of history and humanity, but it’s also thought-provoking and deeply challenging. Monson has engaged the voices of 100 celebrities including Joaquin Phoenix, Helen Mirren and Geoffrey Rush to narrate the documentary, a film which purports to be about equality and stripping ourselves of ego. However, it’s easy to see why Monson has chosen this route – he understandably wants to reach audiences, but the cumulative effect of these recognisable voices is hypnotic and mesmerising.” - FilmInk


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