“Us is, essentially, about otherness, exploring both the literal idea that each of us has a doppelgänger hiding in the shadows, gazing with envy and resentment at our lives, and the more general idea of others — people who are not like us, who we can blame for the problems of society. It’s about the terror that ensues when a regular American family finds itself face-to-face with those others — who are angry and violent, and, as a child in the movie says, ‘They’re us.’ And yes, it’s scary as hell.

“In only his second movie as a director, Peele is already a master of tone, and Us is full of memorable, vivid touches: an eerily choral score; persistent themes of bright red and of white rabbits; the cast’s remarkable deployment of an array of utterly terrifying Cheshire-cat smiles.

“The movie is owned by Lupita Nyong’o, who in her character Adelaide creates a woman who’s both fierce mother-warrior and frightened — literally — of her own shadow. Nyong’o speaks in a voice that seems to have been silenced for decades; her tones are painful, scraping, primal.” - Seattle Times


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