Vita & Virginia

"The film is a joy. A deep study of power and poise, and the long, lingering afterglow of a life-changing friendship." - HeyUGuys

“The affair between writers Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West is ripe for a cinematic version. Here are two fiercely intelligent, independent, well-known women sharing their love of language and embarking on a sexual relationship with the full knowledge of their husbands. In the 1920s. They even left behind fascinating letters that formed the basis of the 1992 play by Eileen Atkins, who serves as co-writer for director Chanya Button in Vita & Virginia. This film adds speaking parts for several other characters, but it’s at its best when the two women are bearing their souls to each other.

Gemma Arterton plays Vita as a spirited society gal who sets her sights on Virginia (Elizabeth Debicki), a moderately successful author living in down-at-heel Bloomsbury. While far more interested in writing than sex, Virginia slowly bends to Vita’s strong will, but is dogged by depression. Debicki plays Virginia as an uncomfortable, often dejected loner.

“Vita and Virginia offers an insight into a complex power dynamic that resulted in one of Woolf’s greatest works, Orlando.” - Time Out


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