Walk With Me

"A beautiful study of Zen Buddhism, and a powerful evocation of the dedication and courage needed to go on their particular journey." - HeyUGuys

Added shows at the Twin! “If there’s something a little counterintuitive about a documentary set in the zen-like sanctum of a Buddhist retreat – achieving a state of perfect mindfulness can’t be any easier with a camera pointing at you – this slow-burn study of monastic life rewards its subjects with a warm, insightful portrayal. It may also be the most soothing 90 minutes you’ll spend in a cinema this year: the exact midway point between a documentary and meditation exercise.

“Co-directors Max Pugh and Marc J Francis’s powers of persuasion granted them three years filming at Plum Village, a remote monastery in rural France run by venerable Vietnamese émigré Thich Nhat Hanh. From the many hours of resulting footage, they’ve carefully constructed a tapestry of little moments showing its daily realities. Richly human in their detail, they act as a myth-buster to all clichés of the ascetic lifestyle.

“Occasionally, Benedict Cumberbatch adds his balm-like tones, reading from the teacher's own writings. Like all good fly-on-the-wall documentarians, the two directors map out a compelling story from all these meditations and silent ruminations.” - Time Out


No screenings currently scheduled.

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