“In classical Hollywood cinema, most movies rush forward, like a river or roller coaster, along a steady course toward a certain objective. Not so Trey Edward Shults’ brilliant, audacious third feature, Waves, whose enigmatic title suggests how its visionary young writer-director sets out to challenge our ideas of how and why things happen in life.

“Set in South Florida, Waves bends and surprises, radiates and engulfs, in a dizzying and ecstatic attempt to capture the love and pain and pressure visited upon a contemporary American family, the Williams.

“Propelled by color, energy, electronic music and a quartet of career-making performances, here is that rare sort of cinematic achievement that innovates at every turn, while teaching audiences how to make intuitive sense of the way it pushes the medium. Instead of serving up conventionally scripted scenes, Shults strings together a sequence of powerful vignettes, plunging in and out of his characters’ lives to expose the details that make the Williams family so real and relatable.” - Variety


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