In celebration of the acclaimed HBO series, we're screening the original Westworld every Wednesday at the Twin.

Directed in 1973 by Michael Crichton, Westworld features Yul Brynner as a cowboy killbot in what is in many ways the precursor to Jurassic Park. Revolutionary for its time and fitting in nicely with the era’s string of thoughtful, apocalyptic science fiction pieces, its references in modern genre fiction are multifoliate and rich.

"Westworld is a wonderfully enjoyable fantasy about a futuristic holiday resort offering robot worlds of exotic sex, romance or violence amid the licence of ancient Rome, the gallantries of a medieval chateau, or the gunslinging frontier town. Best and most fully realised of these worlds is the Western, with Brynner (brilliant) as the robot gunman required to die, bloodily, every time a greenhorn tourist challenges him to the draw. Until, that is, the robots begin to malfunction - or rebel: only the computers that designed them know exactly how they work - and the Brynner machine sets out, now part mad killer and part Frankenstein monster, in quest of revenge. Great stuff." - Time Out


No screenings currently scheduled.

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