Wild at Heart

"Funny, scary and brilliantly cinematic." - Time Out


The story, which begins in North Carolina, revolves around the love of Sailor Ripley (Nicolas Cage) and Lula Pace Fortune (Laura Dern). Between the sex and the chain-smoking, these two seem in danger of burning themselves down. They’re just two sweet, horny kids, except for their Lynch-load of psychological baggage.

"Imagine The Wizard Of Oz with an oversexed witch, gun-toting Munchkins and love ballads from Elvis Presley, and you’ll get some idea of this erotic hellzapoppin from writer-director David Lynch. Lynch’s kinky fairy tale is a triumph of startling images and comic invention. In adapting Barry Gifford’s book Wild at Heart for the screen, Lynch does more than tinker. Starting with the outrageous and building from there, he ignites a slight love-on-the-run novel, creating a bonfire of a movie that confirms his reputation as the most exciting and innovative filmmaker of his generation.

Lynch has a knack for heightened reality that keeps us attuned to the pleasures of the unexpected. ‘This whole world is weird on top and wild at heart,’ says Lula. And who better to chart such a world than David Lynch? Even over the rainbow, he finds his own kind of truth." - Rolling Stone


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