Wonder Wheel

"Kate Winslet is by turns hilarious and heart-breaking in the role, delivering one of the finest performances of her career, worthy of an eighth Oscar nomination." - HeyUGuys

“Kate Winslet is on fire in Woody Allen's Wonder Wheel, playing Ginny, an unhappily married waitress living near the boardwalk on Brooklyn's Coney Island circa 1950. This broken dreamer is pushing 40 and reaching the limits of her patience with Humpty ( Jim Belushi), the carousel-operator she married to provide a semblance of security for her pre-teen son Richie (Jack Gore), a budding pyromaniac. The Wonder Wheel outside their window spins in circles – just like Ginny, who drinks too much and lashes out at anyone who doesn't like it.

“She's lost any hope for her would-be acting career or a fresh incentive in life. Then in walks Mickey (Justin Timberlake), a studly young lifeguard who sees himself as a dramatist ready to give Broadway a new voice. The kid is a delusional prettyboy. But Ginny, who Winslet makes larger-than-life, sees him as her way out. They're both kidding themselves.

“As Ginny is stripped of her fantasies and exposed to the harsh glare of reality, Winslet stands her ground, as if to say attention must be paid. It should be. Her performance is absolutely astounding.” - Rolling Stone

Please note: We have had to cancel the Sat. Jan 13, 9:10 screening of Wonder Wheel, as advertised in the Film Guide. In its place, we will be showing Lady Bird.


No screenings currently scheduled.

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