Showtime for Midsommar - Director's Cut playing Feb 18th, 2023 at 9:00 PM - Princess Original

Presenting the Director's Cut. 24 extra minutes that recontextualizes the film. THEATRICAL ONLY presentation. The Director's Cut will not be available on future bluray or DVD releases. See it while you can!

Presenting the official director’s cut of the acclaimed sophomore feature from Ari Aster (Hereditary). These special screenings are THEATRICAL ONLY: The Director's Cut will not be included in the bluray/DVD release. 

"Shortly after Midsommar’s theatrical release, Aster revealed that he had an extended director’s cut of the film that he’d like to release. To be clear Aster has said he’s happy with the theatrical cut. The director's cut (which was... [ return to movie page ]

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Playing at Princess Original:

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