Playhouse Cinema Membership

We value our customers! We have been showing movies for over 30 years, and our customers are the reason we're still at it today. As a bonus for patrons who come back again and again, we offer a membership card that entitles the bearer to discounts at the box office.

An annual membership costs $10 (tax included) and lasts for one year.

To become a member, just ask to buy a card the next time you're buying a ticket - you'll get the discount right away!

During that year, you --the membership holder--  will save $4 at the box office every time you present your card. We will send our printed film guide mailed direct to your home FREE of charge! Make sure you fill out the mailing list slip and return it to our box office. You can also email us your card number, expiry date and mailing address and we will get you on the mailing list.

Once a member has come to more than 3 shows, the card has paid for itself. See more than three movies a year and you are practically earning money just by sitting and watching movies! It's the best deal around!

In addition to box office benefits, we also offer members discounts at the snack bar and, from time to time, invitations to special sneak previews. In addition, your Playhouse membership works at our locations in Waterloo: the Original Princess and the Princess Twin Cinemas. 

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