This Friday the 13th, Let's Do the Time Warp! Plus, A Very Special Guest is Coming!

ROCKY HORROR on Friday the 13th of May... at the Original!


The weather is going to be glorious on Friday the 13th, which means you'll be shivering only with anticipation in your fishnet stockings!

Uptown Waterloo is going to be the place to be on Friday, so make plans with friends (or by yourself) and come on over to the Original! Grab a drink before the show at one of the nearby friendly watering holes and get ready to do the Time Warp! 


Grab tickets now for ROCKY HORROR On Friday the 13th!

Our Best F(r)iend, Greg Sestero, is coming back to the Princess with The Room AND his directorial debut, Miracle Valley! 


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We can't wait to welcome back to the Princess Greg Sestero ("Mark" from THE ROOM and the award-winning author of 'The Disaster Artist.') His visits are always a ton of fun, with script readings, meet 'n greets and signings. If you've never seen THE ROOM at the Princess, you're in for a treat. It truly is the Citizen Kane of Bad Movies. Now think on that for a moment; what does that even mean? Well, we've seen THE ROOM in its entirety many times, and it has a bizarre genius to it that's just, well, bizarre! You have to experience it in person, at a cinema, to fully get it, and there's no better time to do that than with Greg Sestero there, in person!


This is a special double-bill: Greg will be presenting his directorial debut, MIRACLE VALLEY, described as a bold homage to 70s horror classics. Greg also tells us there are some references to The Room in there... but no sex, ha ha. Make sure you're at the Princess for Greg's proud moment and let's bring the good vibes! 

Get tickets for A Night with GREG SESTERO on May 27 before it's too late! His appearances at the Princess always sell out!

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A classic Princess Cinemas tradition you never want to miss! Don't come alone...

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Join Greg Sestero at the Princess for THE ROOM and his new film MIRACLE VALLEY! With Q&A, script readings, book signing and meet and greet.

The Princess will be tingly with anticipation as Greg Sestero strides on stage to introduce his new film Miracle Valley, an homage to ’70s/’80s horror that marks Sestero's debut as a fully fledged writer-director.

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A bedridden boy's grandfather reads him the story of a farmboy-turned-pirate who encounters numerous obstacles, enemies and allies in his quest to be reunited with his true love.

No screenings currently scheduled.

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