Canada Film Days Festival 2013

Still Mine

A Special Presentation at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, Michael McGowan’s Still Mine is an exquisitely mounted and deeply affecting story about one man’s determination to create a home for his ailing wife as they enter their twilight years.

No screenings currently scheduled.


“At the eye of the storm of this film is a terrific performance by Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Kate, a young married first grade teacher enthusiastically devoted to her students. She is able to keep her raucous drinking separate from her time in the classroom, but it's clear that she can't outrun her demons for long.

No screenings currently scheduled.

“From the first tires-squealing guns-blazing car chase to the last quiet conversation, End of Watch is a visceral story of beat cops that is rare in its sensitivity, rash in its violence and raw in its humor.

No screenings currently scheduled.

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