Alone in Berlin

"The two lead actors give their finest. And Daniel Brühl makes it three, slipping in a telling cameo as a conflicted police investigator, keen to show mercy but coerced by his 'betters' to show none." - Financial Times

“Alone in Berlin’s story comes from a novel inspired by true-life events. Otto (Brendan Gleeson) and Anna (Emma Thompson) were among the majority of the German populace that never officially joined the Nazi party but toed the line, offering no resistance.

“Otto and Anna go about their daily life — Otto works in a factory, Anna is a housewife and a member of the National Socialist Women’s League — and try to keep their heads down, until the horrors of the war and of the Gestapo regime land right at their doorstep, and they can be silent no more.

“Alone in Berlin is one of the hundreds of World War II films to tell us the story of individuals who performed heroics great and small. It’s a sometimes tense but mostly quiet film, filmed in earth tones that evoke a sense of history, with the story elegantly nudged along by a beautiful and haunting score from tremendously talented Alexandre Desplat.

“When Alone in Berlin reaches the end of its journey, it’s the performances of Gleeson and Thompson that ensure we’ll never forget the bravery of Otto and Anna.”- The Globe and Mail


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