"A couple of weekend backpackers face off against man and beast in director Adam MacDonald's accomplished, blunt-force wilderness adventure." - Variety

"Just when you thought it was safe to stand up to a bear in the woods, this jarring indie horror drama will make you scurry back indoors.

Jeff Roop and Missy Peregrym (a young Hilary Swank look-alike) play a couple who go camping. They encounter an off-putting stranger (Eric Balfour) ... and eventually have to fight off a massive black bear who wants to taste everything in their tent, including them.

The bear attack is seriously hairy and scary. Director Adam MacDonald uses the close quarters and hand-held camera to maximum effect. As with “Jaws,” a lot of the fun is in the dread. But when the payoff comes, it arrives with claws bared and teeth gnashing. Yikes!" - New York Post

"Fear is the anticipation of horror, and it’s this movie’s prime evil: not what happens inside the tent, but what might be making that noise outside." - 3 out of 4 stars. Geoff Pevere, Globe & Mail


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