"A romance and a real-life adventure, full of life-and-death peril and unexpected cheerful good humor, about a pioneer in disability rights and dignity." - Flick Philosopher

"Life is idyllic for Robin and Diana Cavendish. They’ve started a family in Kenya, where Robin hopes to make his fortune as a tea broker. But everything is upended when Robin becomes ill. The diagnosis is shattering — polio — and the prognosis even more so. Paralyzed from the neck down, Robin won’t ever be able to breathe without the help of a respirator.

"Returning to the U.K., Robin faces a grim future in a hospital bed. But neither Robin nor Diana are prepared to accept that cruel fate. Andy Serkis, best known for such memorable performance capture work as Gollum in the Lord of the Rings series, takes his first serious stab at directing and succeeds marvelously.

"Breathe inspires in the best way, in large part because it’s based on a true story. Throughout the course of the film, Robin and Diana refuse to accept the limitations that the disease has imposed upon them.

"Of course, the film wouldn’t be as nearly as affecting if not for a host of really great performances, starting with Andrew Garfield as Robin. Garfield’s performance is like an act of will, so steady, persuasive, even charming, that one can’t help but feel buoyed by his good-natured determination. Likewise, Claire Foy takes on Diana with similar grace and ferocity. Together, they are entirely believable as a tag team duo who simply won’t surrender in the face of any obstacle.

"In the end, what shines through is an important message about the indomitability of the human spirit." - Toronto Star


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