Bye Bye Germany

"A refreshingly original, unpredictable tale about Jews trying to scam their way out of postwar Europe, is part caper, part Holocaust drama, part buddy movie, part romance, and part melancholic comedy." - San Francisco Chronicle

Bye Bye Germany is a deeply felt, often wry look at a group of Jewish friends — all Nazi-era survivors — who, in 1946 Frankfurt, unite to sell high-end linens to raise the funds to emigrate to America. Not your typical Holocaust-inspired drama.

“The antics of these cagey door-to-door peddlers, led by David Bermann, whose family's once-thriving linen store was seized by the Nazis and now stands in ruins, provide a droll spine upon which director Sam Garbarski and his co-writer, novelist Michel Bergmann, build a far more stirring, dimensional story.

“This involves David's questioning by attractive American Army investigator, Sara, who suspects that David, whose parents and brothers perished at Auschwitz, may have been a Nazi collaborator.

“Meanwhile, David's co-salesmen work through their own traumatic memories of horror, loss and guilt, which play out in an array of moving and authentic ways.” - LA Times


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