“Two Oscar-winning actresses tackle the issue of gay marriage by playing a longtime lesbian couple forced to cross the border to Canada in order to make their 31-year relationship legal. Cloudburst is a rousing, rowdy comedy with considerable appeal thanks to a pair of juicy lead performances by Brenda Fricker and Olympia Dukakis. Fricker plays Dot, a blind grandma forced into a retirement home, while Dukakis outdoes even her most memorable turns as Stella, the irrepressible old dame determined to spring her lover free.
“Writer-director Thom Fitzgerald enticed his two leads with a script that delivers just the right balance of salty and sentimental, cleverly leavening its earnest subtext -- that Dot and Stella have earned the right to be recognized as a couple -- with generous doses of unapologetically blue humor.This crowdpleaser has deservedly collected audience, acting and top-pic prizes at LGBT and mainstream fests alike.
“Dot's granddaughter always assumed these two were simply very good friends. Eager to inherit their house, Molly tricks Dot into giving her power of attorney. Squaring off with police, Stella stages a jailbreak to liberate Dot from a nursing home. With an APB out for their arrest, they hit the road, "Thelma and Louise"-style.
“Watching two older characters quarrel reveals more about a relationship than a story about two youngsters. It takes a pair of great actors to suggest the couple's three decades of history.”- Variety


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