Dallas Buyers Club


“In the new biopic Dallas Buyers Club, Matthew McConaughey has shed nearly 50 pounds to play an AIDS victim. At a third of his normal weight, McConaughey is almost literally a shadow of his former self. He is also twice the actor he's ever been, delivering the performance of his career as a homophobic Texan diagnosed with HIV in 1985.

“This somewhat fictionalized version of Ron Woodroof is a foul-mouthed sleazeball addicted to cocaine and bargain-priced women, and McConaughey throws himself into this vividly off-color role, body and soul. Woodroof initially laughs off his 30-day life sentence. After several fainting spells, however, he's begging Dr. Eve Saks for the then-breakthrough drug AZT. When he learns that other promising drugs are banned in the US, Woodroof sets about smuggling them in.

“Enter Rayon (an excellent Jared Leto), a transgender woman who becomes Woodroof's unlikely business partner. She's a stand-in for an entire class of people that Woodroof initially abhors. What they share is a desire to live, and Rayon, a gay nightlife denizen with a heroin habit, has the better Rolodex. The movie's best moments are shared between these two outsiders, who evolve from antagonists to co-workers to almost-married couple.

“Directed with a bit of flair by Jean-Marc Valée Dallas Buyers Club is a solid biopic, but McConaughey is so fierce and funny that he turns it into something transcendent. When he's on the screen, the movie feels thrillingly alive.”- Newsday


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