Finding Your Feet

"A feel-good British comedy in the vein of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, the new film Finding Your Feet finds its own feet by presenting light and engaging fare employing veteran English actors in ways we rarely get to see them on the big screen. " - Deadline Hollywood

Finding Your Feet is a dramedy about middle-class Londoners in their 60s and 70s getting on with life. It has a genial watchability — even a stubborn relevance — thanks to its crackerjack ensemble cast, who play characters just eccentric enough to keep things tasty. All are rebounding and aiming to keep their minds looking forward, their hearts open to romance and their regrets at bay.

“One good lady is in sore need of some eccentricity: Sandra (Imelda Staunton). She walks in on her husband and her best friend canoodling, she discovers, to her chagrin, that they’ve been conducting a long affair. Sandra makes an uncustomary scene and moves in with her estranged older sister, Elizabeth.

“Elizabeth (Celia Imrie) — or Bif, as she is known — is the free spirit to Sandra’s Miss Priss: an aging hippie with a free-love past who lives in a cluttered subsidized apartment in East London, and who smokes pot with her buddy Charlie (Timothy Spall), who lives on a houseboat. Bif’s colorful circle of friends gradually draws Sandra in, convincing her to join the dance class they attend at a nearby community center.” - Washington Post


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