“Françoise Crémont — Frankie to her friends — is a famous actress, and she’s dying. For a sense of how she’s handling this development, all you really need to know is that she is played by the gloriously unsentimental Isabelle Huppert. There’s a scene, halfway through, in which Frankie figures out that her husband, Jimmy (Brendan Gleeson), has conspired with her ex-husband, Michel (Pascal Greggory), to casually bring her by a local spring that happens to be famed for its healing water. She’s not moved by the gesture — she’s furious. Frankie may have made peace with her own impending mortality, but it hasn’t necessarily left her inclined to indulge the grief of her loved ones.

“Frankie, which director Ira Sachs wrote with Mauricio Zacharias, takes place over the course of the family vacation that Frankie has arranged for/inflicted on those loved ones. She’s chosen the Portuguese seaside town of Sintra, a beautiful setting for a gathering that everyone’s trying to pretend isn’t overshadowed by death.

“Frankie is rife with terrific little moments. Different combinations of characters come together to offer different angles on the complicated family history on display.” - Vulture


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