HEVN (Revenge)

"Compulsively watchable, Hevn (Revenge) offers a Norwegian take on a woman seeking retribution." - Georgia Straight

“Hevn is for real. Unfortunately for the characters in this first feature from director and co-writer Kjersti Steinsbø, ‘Hevn’ is not a pastoral afterlife but the Norwegian word for revenge. And like a glacier-fed fjord, it’s best served cold.

“The film opens with travel writer Andrea (Siren Jørgensen) arriving at a remote wilderness resort that has just closed for the winter, suggesting that the Overlook Hotel from The Shining has perhaps opened a franchise in Norway. Nothing about her arrival is quite right. The owners, Morten and Nina, welcome her with open arms and wine bottles, telling each other, without a hint of sarcasm, that her timing is ‘perfect.’ The plot thickens as more characters are introduced. There’s the male bartender, the angry young female barfly, the town doctor and his teenaged daughter, the local biker gang, etc.

“Jørgensen is particularly good; with her unreadable eyes and occasional sly smile, the mystery of whether she’s a crazed individual with a thirst for vengeance, or merely a disgruntled travel writer with a knife, is one the film manages to keep intact well after it has poured cold water on the rest of the movie’s enigmas.” - National Post


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