"Based on recently discovered footage, thought to be lost, of Goodall as she observed, studied and befriended the chimps in the wild, the film is filled with romance: for her work, for the chimps and for Goodall herself." - Sunday Times

Jane Goodall is coming to Centre in the Square in April. See the documentary first! “Three love stories unfold in Jane, Brett Morgen’s stirring portrait of conservationist Jane Goodall. The first is the director’s respect and affection for his octogenarian subject. Embraced in the clear, honeyed light of Ellen Kuras’ cinematography, Goodall comes across as vibrantly plainspoken during a new interview.

“There’s also the love between Goodall and wildlife filmmaker Hugo van Lawick, who would become her husband. His dazzling half-century-old footage of her groundbreaking observations of chimpanzees in Tanzania, discovered in the National Geographic archives in 2014 and never before viewed publicly, is the astonishing heart of Jane.

“But the love that infuses the film is Goodall’s passion for her work, her bond with nature and the chimps, as well as her calm certainty, when she arrived at Gombe Stream National Park as a 26-year-old with no scientific credentials, that this was where she was meant to be. Goodall’s quiet amazement pulses through Van Lawick’s 16-mm footage of her on the hills and beaches of Gombe and in its impossibly green trees. Morgen lets the images speak, in eloquent combination with the spectacular intensity of Philip Glass’ score.” - LA Times


No screenings currently scheduled.

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