Jurassic World

"Among all the delights in Steven Spielberg’s 'Jurassic Park' movies — clever characters, miraculous special effects, gorgeously choreographed chase sequences — the greatest guilty pleasure was the return to horror movie basics. When the monsters attacked, people on-screen shrieked, as did the audiences.

"The series revival, 'Jurassic World,' which Spielberg executive-produced, embraces that principle and ex­pands it. It may not equal the humor and inventiveness of the original film, but death has never been so much fun.

"While 'Jurassic World' picks up from where 'Jurassic Park III' left off in 2001, it is neither a reboot nor an adaptation. It stands alone, and is a friendly, innovative salute to the esteemed originals. Director Colin Trevorrow returns us to the luxurious island/dinosaur theme park of Isla Nublar with the zeal of a freaked-out fan.

"What a relief to follow sequence after sequence where Trevorrow mimics the brush strokes of the Spielberg masterpieces. His film abounds with references to key scenes from the 1993 beginner of the series, and unexpected, outrageous salutes to 'Jaws' as well. Also, a very aggressive flock of pterodactyls that peck the heads of their human breakfasts like bloodthirsty Woody Woodpeckers.

"'Jurassic World' isn’t trying to transform the classic with an odd new perspective, but to dust off the thrilling tricks that worked way back when. The film delivers the basics in new forms that are respectful and exciting." - Star Tribune


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