Last Cab to Darwin

"It's not so much the destination but the physical and emotional journey embarked on in this thoughtful, culturally authentic road trip." - Variety

“Last Cab to Darwin is a gentle, low-key drama about a dying man’s bid to leave this world on his own terms. Adapted from a play by Reg Cribb and loosely based on a real-life story, the film tells of Rex McRae, a cabby who has never left his hometown, Broken Hill, in New South Wales. Surgery didn’t get all of Rex’s stomach cancer, and he’s got three months, tops. The one thing Rex knows for sure is that he doesn’t want to die in a hospital.

“Despite its somber theme, the film is mainly a conventional road movie — a picaresque journey across Australia’s dazzling interior that changes Rex’s outlook, starting with the rides he gives to a chatty footballer and an English nurse. Smartly directed by Jeremy Sims, this sweet-hearted film manages to avoid triteness even as it casually packs an emotional punch.” - New York Times


No screenings currently scheduled.

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