Life, Animated

"A young autistic man connects to the world through Disney animated movies. Instead of false hope, this truly inspirational film offers up possibility." - Rolling Stone

"An absorbing and ultimately exhilarating documentary." - Associated Press

“Focusing on the life of Owen Suskind, who was diagnosed as autistic aged three, Life, Animated is a beguiling mix of animated storytelling and narration that doesn’t flinch from exploring the emotional highs and lows that accompany a life with autism.

“One of Williams’s many accomplishments with Life, Animated is using the animated segments to communicate what the world is like for autistic people.

“Disney’s animated films provide the connecting link from Owen’s world to that of his parents. Using dialogue from films such as Dumbo, Bambi and Aladdin, Owen is able to communicate (he taught himself to read by studying the film’s credits). Not only does the film open its audience’s eyes to the world of autism it also sheds new light on the almost Shakespearean qualities of films like The Lion King.

“It’s that combination of despair and joy, victories and defeats that make Life, Animated such a compelling rendering of life with autism. It’s an educational achievement masquerading as a feel-good documentary, and a must-watch.” - The Guardian


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