Mia Madre

"The most entertaining work of Moretti's storied career, 'My Mother' (Mia Madre) moves effortlessly from a busy film set to serious family scenes, but his directorial skill makes the mood changes feel natural and unforced." - NOW

“Mia Madre, Nanni Moretti’s film about a director shooting a film while her mother is dying in the hospital, shows the Italian filmmaker in a serious, subdued mood, but is enlivened by the absurd comic clash between protag Margherita Buy and her lead actor John Turturro.

“Though the three-handed screenplay casts a woman in the main role of the short-tempered, self-absorbed, anxiety-ridden filmmaker, this is masking for a story close to home. Moretti lost his own mother while shooting Habemus Papam, and that’s the obvious autobiographical angle. But on another level, it’s a clever reflection on the artist’s inability to separate her private life from her work. Try as she may to play the hard-nosed pro on set, Margherita is swept up in the emotional turmoil of moving out of her boyfriend’s apartment and dealing with a teenage daughter and a hospitalized mom. All this inevitably boils over into the political film she’s making about factory workers at odds with management.

“Made for a reported $7.5 million, the Italo-French co-production reflects the laid-back, unassuming quality of its story. Arnaldo Catinari's spacious cinematography conveys a feeling of airy simplicity without unnecessary complications.” - Hollywood Reporter


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