Moulin Rouge

“A delightfully quirky, irresistably intoxicating arthouse musical. Baz Luhrmann draws from influences as diverse as Bollywood to grand opera, abd the result is a gaudy, opulent, invigorating spectacle that, while committing to celluloid some of the kitschiest moments in 'mainstream' film history, never loses sight of its muse.

“Shakespearean in its structure and emotional simplicity, the plot sees idealistic poet Christian (McGregor) and courtesan Satine (Kidman) battle the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune in the pursuit of their passionate, secret love. Around, above, beneath them revolves a cacaphony of dancing girls, freaks, dastardly villains and slippery characters, Absinthe-d up to the eyeballs and camping it up for all they're worth. Kidman and McGregor have that rare thing, real chemistry, and each gives a superb, profoundly moving performance. And, of course, gluing it all together are the songs, gloriously revamped classics and contemporary pop songs. Thankfully Ewan and Nicole CAN sing.

“A breathtaking baroque film that marries the best of theatre, opera and cinematic technique. Luhrmann generally keeps a grip on the chaotic proceedings and his cast throw themselves at the material with gusto - in short, a triumphant, if uncoventional, rewarding experience.” - Empire


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