Mulholland Drive

“Mulholland Drive is as brilliant and disquieting as anything Lynch has ever done. It is psychotically lucid, oppressively strange, but with a powerfully erotic and humanly intimate dimension that Lynch never quite achieved elsewhere. It is a fantasia of illusion and identity; a meditation on the mystery of casting in art as in life: the vital importance of finding the right role.

“The breakthrough performances of Naomi Watts and Laura Harring are stunning. Watts is Betty, the young wannabe movie-star new in LA; Harring is the mysterious beautiful woman who loses her memory and desperately needs Betty’s help. The modernist switchover effect in the third act, which flips the action and principals around into something else, is a delirious and disorienting flourish, although it all makes its own kind of sense. Lynch’s formal control and the intensity of Watts and Harring bring it to a new pitch.

“It is an explosively sexy love story, rocket-fuelled with vanity and cruelty.” - The Guardian


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