Playhouse Popcorn & Spring Gift Pack Pick-up

Playhouse Popcorn & Spring Gift Pack Pick-up!

Continued! We recognize some aren't ready to come back to watching movies inside the cinema, but you still want your popcorn and theatre snacks! Come on by (anytime during box office hours!)

Did you purchase a Spring Gift Pack? Grab your pre-purchased Gift Packs at our popcorn and gift pack pick-up! Pre-paid Gift packs of 4 or 8 movie passes with a re-newed Playhouse Membership are now available from the Playhouse Lobby.

How Ordering Works

Each order is placed within a set 30 minute window. Select the 'showtime' below that you would like to pick up your order. Click 'Buy Tickets' for your preferred pick-up and on the next page you will be prompted to choose from the combos listed below.

How Pickup Works

Come down to the Playhouse Cinema at your chosen pick-up window. Two tables will be positioned at the front doors of the lobby where you can pick-up your order. Show us your email confirmation, and we will quickly ready your order!


#1 - $12.75

Your choice of Regular Soda, Large Popcorn, and a Small Candy.

#2 - $17.50

Your choice of Beer, Large Popcorn, and Large Candy.

#3 - $27.50

Your choice of two Regular Sodas, two Extra-Large Popcorn, and two Small Candy OR one Large Candy OR one Willards Ice Cream.

#4 - N/A

I would like to pick-up my Spring Gift Pack.

*A $1 service fee will be added to each item at check-out


Soda - Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Nestea, Ginger Ale, Root Beer

Small Candy - Reese, Jersey Milk, Toblerone, Glossette (Raisen, Peanut, Almond), Swedish Berry, Fuzzy Peach

Large Candy - Skor Share-ables, Junior Mint, Lindt Dark Choc., Lindt Milk Choc.

Willards Ice Cream - Mixed Berry, Mint Chocolate, Chocolate

Collective Arts - Audio Visual Lager, Saint of Circumstance Blonde-Ale, Apple Cherry Cider

Wellington County - Upside IPA, Imperial Stout

Playhouse Cinema staff are committed to maintaining best health and hygiene practices during this time. Staff members will be wearing appropriate PPE recommended by public health.


No screenings currently scheduled.

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