Possessor Uncut

"In just his second feature, Brandon Cronenberg has delivered the first great sci-fi horror movie of the decade with POSSESSOR." - Rue Morgue

An elite, corporate assassin takes control of other people's bodies using brain-implant technology to execute high-profile targets.

"Cronenberg’s follow-up to his 2012 debut Antiviral plumbs similar territory, putting a sci-fi body-horror spin on a tale of corporate espionage. This one’s set in a world (specifically Toronto) where technology allows assassin Vos (Andrea Riseborough) to inhabit the body of another person in order to do her dirty work, leaving both her victims and vessel dead to tie up all loose ends. But her latest gig goes sideways, leaving her fighting for control of Colin Tate (Christopher Abbott), whom she’s just used to murder a magnate (Sean Bean). Riseborough and Abbott are both fascinating here – Abbott, who has to play a mixture of both characters, oscillates between panicked confusion and steely focus in way that lets us know who’s steering Colin’s body at any given moment, while Riseborough sets up Vos as someone who’s hollowed herself out to allow for easier transfers, because there’s less baggage that way. Also very good, in smaller roles, are Rossif Sutherland as Vos’s ex-husband, Tuppence Middleton as Colin’s girlfriend and Jennifer Jason Leigh as Vos’s gimlet-eyed handler." - NOW Magazine

"Stunningly beautiful, dazzlingly brutal, and captivating in complexity, Possessor proves that the Cronenberg dynasty is in very safe, and equally strange, hands." - THN

"If this is just a taste of what Brandon Cronenberg has in store for cinema, then long live the new flesh." - Globe & Mail


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