A remarkably well-made, rousing picture about Jesse Owens' many triumphs at the 1936 Olympics

"An African American track-and-field athlete who grew up in near-poverty in Alabama and Cleveland, Jesse Owens became a veritable sensation during his tenure at Ohio State University. By the time he had qualified for the Olympics, Owens has set so many speed records, the media had dubbed him the world's fastest man.

"Owens' athletic achievements alone - he took home four gold medals in 1936 - establish him as a legend worthy of attention. What makes his story so much more poignant - and so much more tricky to tell - are the many thorny political and racial issues involved.

"As a black man in 1930s America, Owens was subject to a grossly racist and unjust political, social, and economic system. But as an American representing democracy in 1936 Germany, he had to stand for equality, truth, and justice in the face of Hitler's deadly campaign against non-Aryan Germans.

"In the case of this movie, the title 'Race' is, at least, a triple entendre."

'Happily, director Stephen Hopkins handles these pointed complexities with remarkable grace and economy of style. The film never lets us forget the reality of American racism, while at the same time allowing us to feel some pride in the larger political meaning of Owens' success in Berlin. The film delivers what it promises - an education and a thrill." - Philadelphia Times



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