The Birder


JUNE 7 - Guest appearance by Mike Stasko, co-writer/co-producer/actor: The Birder

JUNE 10 - Guest appearance by Theodore Bezaire, writer/director

JUNE 10 - Guest appearance by Gerry Lattman, producer

High school teacher, and lifelong birder Ron Spencer (Tom Cavanagh), is preparing for his new job as Head of Ornithology at the National Park. He’s been waiting for years to get the position, but finds out that the much younger, and more hip, Floyd Hawkins will be taking over the job in order to attract a younger audience to bird watching. Ron’s daughter, Samantha, is also an avid birdwatcher, but thinks her dad needs to be more in touch with the modern technology of bird watching. Feeling as if he’s losing his daughter, as well as his job, Ron sets out to bring Floyd down. With help from slacker Ben (Mark Rendall), who also hates Floyd after he begins seeing Ben’s ex-girlfriend, the two men try their best to ruin Floyd.

The Birder is a sweet, hilarious film, which is so successful due to the performances of Cavanagh and Rendall. As two lovable dorks, it’s impossible to not root for them. Their mission is filled with evil promise, but the way they go about it is anything but. Ron is such a timid man that his plans usually involve trying to prove that Floyd isn’t following the ethical rules of birding. It’s so ridiculous, that even if he succeeded, it wouldn’t hurt Floyd’s reputation.

The greatest aspect of the film is how the characters are treated. Nobody is ever made fun of, even if their idea of a good time seems rather nerdy. They all take pride in their pastime. It’s also great to see a father and daughter connecting, without resorting to the tired cliche of the embarrassed child.

This is a very sweet, and funny story, with some hilarious performances, including a fantastic cameo from Graham Greene.


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