The Forgiven

While driving to a party at a grand villa, a wealthy couple accidentally hit and kill a young poor local boy and must face the villagers and the boy’s father.

"In his adaptation of Lawrence Osborne’s acclaimed novel, his pairing is a married couple: a Brit and an American in Morocco, bored of each other and of their surroundings. David (Ralph Fiennes) is an insufferable alcoholic, spouting awful, bigoted comments about minorities, much to the chagrin of his younger eye-rolling wife Jo (Jessica Chastain), along for the ride but barely awake for it. They’re headed out to the desert for a weekend-long party at an ostentatious estate owned by an eccentric gay couple (Matt Smith, on top-tier form, and Caleb Landry Jones). But there’s an accident on the way there: David hits and kills a local boy with his car. It was dark but David had been drinking and soon the party is interrupted by a dead body and a confusion over what to do with it." - Benjamin Lee (The Gaurdian)

"Scripted, directed and acted with intelligence and panache, it’s a very grown-up film but never a bore, a morally alert drama that leaves the scolding to us." - John Defore (The Hollywood Reporter)


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