The Hunting Ground

Co-presented by the UW Women's Centre. A short discussion will follow the screening.

“Director Kirby Dick has gone from examining sexual assaults in the military in 2012's The Invisible War to investigating rapes on college campuses. His is an impassioned and well-researched film that will incite outrage.

“Dick and producer Amy Ziering interview dozens of rape survivors who say response to reports of sexual assault range from evasion to inaction to massive institutional cover-ups. Besides being brutalized by their peers in a setting they thought safe, survivors are further psychologically battered by their university's seeming lack of concern.

“Hearing story after story of college officials turning their backs on students is heartbreaking and infuriating. Victims are sometimes questioned with more suspicion than the alleged perpetrators. Fear of retaliation keeps many sexual assault victims from speaking out.

“Statistics are woven in artfully. What the film does best is present the dire situation through survivors' first-person testimonies, and spur viewers to action.

“The Hunting Ground is a must-see for all university students, and those preparing for college as well as parents who send them off and the educators who guide them.” - USA Today

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