The Maltese Falcon

“John Huston made his debut as a film director with The Maltese Falcon after several years as a film writer. His entrance into the directorial field was noteworthy, with display of keenest knowledge in tempo development and handling of the various players. Huston also wrote the script solo, endowing it with well-rounded episodes of suspense and surprise.

“Of major importance is the standout performance of Humphrey Bogart, an attention-arresting portrayal that added immeasurable voltage to his marquee values. Bogart not only dominates the proceedings throughout, but is the major motivation in all but a few minor scenes. Mary Astor skillfully etches the role of an adventuress whose double-crossing is not disclosed until the final scenes.

“The story details the experiences of private detective Bogart when called in to handle a case for Miss Astor – shortly finding himself in the middle of double-crossing intrigue and several murders perpetrated by strange characters bent on obtaining possession of the famed bejeweled Maltese Falcon.

“An intriguing piece of melodramatic entertainment, Maltese Falcon weaves swiftly through a series of attention-holding episodes to crack through to a most unsuspecting climax.” - Variety


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