The Rose Maker

"This soulful film reminds us that there’s a whole lot more to life than just making money—or roses." - Alliance of Women Film Journalists

Eve is one of France's greatest artisanal horticulturalists, but her rose business is facing imminent bankruptcy or liquidation. When her secretary hires three inexperienced ex-convicts, they must team up to rescue the business in this verdant comedy.

"It’s a relaxed film, one that allows the audience to sit back and, if not smell the roses, then at least appreciate them. Just as they are for Eve, the flowers are this film’s raison d’être — a reminder that glimpsing beauty is reason enough." -- The New York Times

"'The Rose Maker' turns into a film that wears its emotions lightly but generously, like dew on a blush-colored petal." -- The Washington Post

"Veteran César winner Catherine Frot lends some gravitas to this amiable story of an independent rose farmer taking desperate measures to stay in business." - Variety

"Cleverly structured as an allegory of French society, with characters who grow and develop (like roses)." - Sydney Herald



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