A comfortable Ontario family is thrown into turmoil when its eldest daughter inexplicably becomes a Toronto street person. Based on Carol Shields' final novel, with a soundtrack featuring Leonard Cohen.

“'Unless' stars Catherine Keener as Reta, a successful writer and translator who’s shocked when her college student daughter Norah (Hannah Gross) suddenly shows up panhandling in front of Honest Ed’s, holding a sign that reads ‘Goodness.’

“Director Alan Gilsenan, who adapted the screenplay from Carol Shields’s much-loved novel, focuses almost entirely on her family’s attempts to convince Norah to abandon her square metre of pavement.

“Keener is great as usual, convincingly conveying confusion and grief, and the film is visually intense, its handheld cameras relying on close-ups. Mirvish’s garish emporium is the gift that keeps on giving.” - Now


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