Up For Love

"This remake of the 2013 Argentine-Brazilian film Corazón de León was a huge hit in France"..."Makes terrific use of Jean Dujardin's prankster appeal." - Irish Times

“Prince Charming is 20 or so inches shorter than expected in 'Up for Love', Laurent Tirard's story of a woman struggling to accept the bemused looks she gets when out on the town with her new boyfriend (Jean Dujardin, Oscar winner for The Artist).

“Dujardin plays Alexandre, who meets Diane on the telephone one night and charms her, convincing her to meet him for lunch — but not warning her to expect a 4-foot-5 tall man. He accepts her uneasiness, confidently coercing her into joining him for an after-lunch surprise. When we see the two strapped into parachutes for a first-date skydive, viewers will understand that, whatever the language, they're watching the Hollywoodiest rom-com of the year.

“Dujardin's tasteful performance gives weight to the script's attempts to voice the pain of lifelong ostracism. In 'Up for Love', being small is just like any other impediment to romantic bliss: nothing a few good laughs, warmth and a dramatic gesture of reconciliation can't fix in the end.” - Hollywood Reporter


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