“What is Visitors? Godfrey Reggio's latest work, arriving 11 years after the conclusion of his Qatsi trilogy (which stretched from 1982's Koyaanisqatsi to 2002's Naqoyqatsi), resembles those uncategorizable films more than anything else. But it pushes even harder than they did against labels like "documentary," or even "avant garde."
“The wordless movie, composed of stately black-and-white shots whose thematic connection is left to viewers to imagine, inspires us to ask again just what it is that separates what we call cinema from what we group with the video art and installation work that is shown by art galleries.
“The work's 87 minutes consist of only 74 different shots -- many in slow motion, others addressing a static scene with a slow-moving camera. The photography is a rich monochrome. With a great deal of time occupied by portraits of individual homo sapiens who descended from apes, one might read the title as a meditation on humanity's relatively recent arrival on this planet. Shots of vacated buildings and amusement parks might seem further evidence for that reading, but others are harder to fit in: what to make, for instance, of close-ups in which hands use a computer mouse, keyboard and touch-screen, but the devices are masked out so the hands move in empty, inky space?
“Phillip Glass' music is less attention-grabbing, more meditative than it was in the Qatsi films - conducive to the hypothesis that Visitors is less a message than a Zen koan.” - Hollywood Reporter


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