"Todd Solondz revives Dawn Wiener, the geeky child who won America's heart in his 'Welcome to the Dollhouse', for this nihilistic collection of stories linked by changing ownership of a dachshund." - Chicago Reader

“Wiener-Dog is Todd Solondz’s latest ode to the never-ending pain that is modern life. For those who appreciate exploring the more difficult and untidy corners of the world, Solondz’s film is a godsend – an effective work of agitation in a summer predisposed to shiny tales about happy people.

“While the pooch of the title is front and centre for most of the film, the movie is more a showcase for four distinctly unhappy humans wrestling with the concept of mortality. It’s heavy material, but Solondz (Happiness,Welcome to the Dollhouse) shapes it all into an epic joke about the folly of living a good life.” – Globe and Mail

"The best story involves Danny DeVito as a screenwriting teacher, which allows Solondz, an adjunct professor at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, to vent his spleen at the ignorance and arrogance of his students." - Chicago Reader


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