Showtime for Solaris playing Apr 25th, 2024 at 6:00 PM - Princess Original

Princess Original

"Haunting, provocative, beautifully shot and infused with an irresistable, tender sadness, this is sci-fi, and indeed cinema, at its most powerful and mysterious." - Film4

Part of the 5 by Andrei Tarkovsky series

Tarkovsky’s rejoinder to Kubrick’s 2001 is a visionary work in which the travel is not so much into outer but inner space, the cosmos of memory, consciousness, and dreams. Dispatched to investigate what seems to be a case of mass psychosis on a space station orbiting the mysterious planet Solaris, psychologist Kris Kelvin (Donatas Banionis) discovers that the planet’s “thinking ocean”... [ return to movie page ]

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