Save St. Giles Church in Hamilton... Same Architect as the Playhouse!

st_giles_church_main_and_holton.jpegSave St. Giles Church Hamilton! Sign the Petition, today! Let's work together to preserve Hamilton architecture! 

Tomorrow is a crucial day for gathering community support to save St. Giles. Council votes on Wednesday April 14th for a heritage designation.

Sign the petition here, please.

As custodians of the Playhouse Theatre - also a Stewart and Witton building - it is our responsibility to spread this message and help preserve another one of east Hamilton's great S&W architectural gems.

St. Giles Church is in imminent danger of demolition! We want the original 1912 portion of the church designated as a heritage building as it should have been in 2018.  At that time, the heritage committee recommended designation as the building met 8 of the 9 criteria for designation when only 1 is needed under the Ontario Heritage Act.  This beautiful building has significant architectural, cultural, and historical importance to Hamilton and must be protected.

Sign the petition and find more ways to help, here


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