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We're sending out our showtimes along with our advance ticket sales every Friday morning so you can beat the rush and get advance tickets to all of our screenings at the Princess!

It's simple, just scroll down, select the movie + showtime and get tickets!

You can even buy your snacks in advance as well!


On Friday we're opening the 2021 Best Picture winning film from the Canadian Screen Awards! Scroll down and support Canadian film by getting tickets!


Winner of 6 Oscars, including Best Picture, Director and Actress, Nomadland finally arrives at the Princess Twin for the big screen experience. 


We're so excited to re-open the Princess Twin this Friday the 16th and bring back the film going experience in KW! Advance tickets to all of our opening week screenings can be found in this newsletter!


We're reopening! This Friday, July 16th, the Princess returns to screening films here in KW for the first time in over 200 days!

The last 7 months have been difficult for everyone and we wish you, your family and friends a safe recovery moving forward with Ontario's reopening plan.


Movies In The Parking Lot Has Returned! June Through August! This year, each screening is on a first come, first serve basis, so register today!

Continue your annual Movies In The Park tradition at this year's pop-up Drive In! 6 unique films over the summer, get out of the house and into your car for a night of family fun. Spots are limited. Reserve your space as soon as you can.


Popcorn Pick-Up is back at the Twin! Starting today, and moving forward with pick-up at the Twin every Friday & Saturday from 4-8pm! Stop by for your favourite movie snacks, beer, merch and more! It's a great way to get out in Uptown Waterloo, get snacks and support the cinema!  

Shop for Princess Merch, including tee's, totes, postcards and more! 


We are now accepting marquee rentals at the Twin for the month of May! After a sold out April, we're happy to continue getting your personal or business messages up on our Uptown Waterloo marquee!


princess---web---ronnies---apr-15-2021---600x450_1.pngTickets are on-sale now for the opening of the Princess at Home virtual screening of Ronnie's! Get tickets now, streaming starts on Friday, the 23rd!

princess-playhouse---web---oscar-shorts---mar-24-2021---600x450_6.pngThe 2021 Oscar Nominated Short Films are here and we have them on-tap for a limited time through a Princess at Home virtual screening! Get tickets here!

Support the cinema and get tickets to the animated, live-action and documentary short films! All of these are nominated for Oscars this year and we get to keep a % of each ticket sold!

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