Northern Perspectives


Northern Perspectives. "Kunuk has created another timeless fable of the Far North; a simple struggle played out on a vast canvas." - National Post

“Even if you didn’t know that Zacharias Kunuk’s new film is inspired by John Ford’s 1956 classic western The Searchers, you might easily guess it.

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Northern Perspectives.

Becoming a dog musher was Harry Okpik's childhood dream. But during the Dog Slaughter in the early 1960s, when government agents shot thousands of Inuit huskies across the Canadian Arctic, 11-year-old Harry saw the sky turn red and thought his dream forever destroyed.

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Northern Perspectives. Winner of Audience Award at Hot Docs and TIFF Top 10. "Angry Inuk imparts important information about an issue we tend to think we know everything about and delivers a powerful emotional punch." - NOW

“‘At some point in my childhood, I realized there are some people out there who don’t like seal hunting.’ That’s from Alethea Arnaquq-Baril, an Inuk filmmaker whose important documentary Angry Inuk is a dignified response to those who oppose seal hunting but willfully ignore the fact that international bans on seal products severely inhibit the subsistence hunting

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